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Specialised Diabetes Dietitian (APD)

Melbourne,  Australia

Cam Johnson

Diabetes Dietitian

Cam Johnson is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and nutritionist with a successful nutrition consulting practice, and a senior diabetes dietitian at a major tertiary teaching hospital in Melbourne.

Cam's extensive experience as a dietitian includes Northern Health (Senior Diabetes Dietitian), Austin Health, BakerIDI, and specialist medical and weight management services.

His career has focused on the nutritional management of diabetes and obesity, including bariatric surgery.

Cam helps people with diabetes take the guess work out of what to put in the shopping basket and what to put on their plate, to give them the confidence to help control their diabetes.

Cam has conducted numerous conference and professional development seminars and workshops to health professionals, medical staff and students.

He has worked as a health coach and research assistant with the Stand Up Victoria study, looking at the affect of decreasing sedentary behavior in the workplace. He has been involved in research with the landmark AusDiab Study, and is a published co-author of studies looking at the effects of salt intake.

Cam has completed fitness and personal trainer qualifications (Cert 3 and 4), and has worked as a strength coach.

When he's not working he enjoys time outdoors hiking, and rockclimbing, and practising yoga. He has competed in powerlifting, judo, bodybuilding and Brazillian jiujitsu.


APD (Accredited Practising Dietitian). Details of this professional qualification can be found on the DAA website here.

BSc. Bachelor of Science, MND. Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics


Cam Johnson Diabetes Dietitian Nutrition Consulting  

Cam Johnson

Diabetes Dietitian

Nutrition Consulting


Cam Johnson Diabetes Dietitian Teaching Carbohydrate Counting

Cam Johnson

Diabetes Dietitian

Teaching Carbohydrate Counting


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