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Cam Johnson

Specialist Diabetes Dietitian (APD)

Melbourne, Australia

WHAT DO I EAT WITH Type 2 Diabetes?

What do I eat, how much should I eat, and when should I eat to manage my diabetes?

Genetics, diet, and lifestyle contribute to the risk of developing diabetes, and the progression (or lack of progression or worsening) of the disease.

High blood glucose levels in Type 2 Diabetes may be due to a number of factors, including age, insulin resistance, residual pancreatic function, glucose production by the liver, the foods eaten, and activity.

The food we eat, the amount and type of exercise we do, and the amount of sitting and incidental activity we do will all affect blood glucose levels, and influence the progression of the disease.

As we get older our blood glucose levels rise.

Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes

Initially diet and exercise is the starting point for controlling Type 2 Diabetes. Weight is often addressed at this early stage, as research has shown us that this affects the body's ability to manage glucose. Losing weight improves our body's sensitivity to insulin, and results in lower blood glucose levels.

Diabetes is a Progressive Disease

Over time, medications may need to be introduced. This may include tablets, and or injections.

Some individuals may choose the option to have bariatric (or metabolic) surgery to control their weight and diabetes. Depending on the type of surgery, dietary consideration to nutritional adequacy, avoiding complications, learning how and what to eat to achieve weight and blood glucose control needs particular focus.

Dietary advice is important at every stage from first diagnosis to later stages of more complex medical management of diabetes

Depending on your age, the time since you were diagnosed, your weight, your blood glucose testing results, the medication you are on, and your activity, your dietary advice and intake may vary.


Deconstructing Diabetes