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Cam Johnson

Specialist Diabetes Dietitian (APD)

Melbourne, Australia

Addition and Subtraction

Is it more important to add, or subtract?

Many clients think I'm going to tell them what not to eat. The things that need to be subtracted, or removed from the shopping list, or the plate.

I'm more focused on what clients should eat. This means adding foods, and ensuring enough good nutrition. So let me go into this first.


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Dietary Blind Spots

Blind Spot


1 . an area where a person's view is obstructed.

2.  an area in which a person lacks understanding or impartiality.

3.  subject about which one is ignorant or biased.

This post lists what we are simultaneously missing when we are not looking at all, when something obscures the sight of vision, or we are looking at one thing exclusively.

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Deconstructing Useful Behaviour Patterns

Why, as a dietitian is this focusing on behaviour, rather than a change in body weigh so important, and for my clients, so useful?

Dietary behaviours.

This includes a client's successful changes to what's in their shopping basket, what's on their plate, their ability to keep to a meal plan, having enough food so they are not feeling deprived or hungry.

What has worked, and what changes have been successfully made is more important than what hasn't.

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"I'm Not Talking About Your Weight"

My Client looked at me, with a look of disbelief at what I had just said. So I repeated myself. "I'm not talking about what you weigh on the scale".

She replied "that's what I came here for".

I proceeded to explain myself. "No, what you came for was assistance to be able to learn some behavioral patterns to assist you on the path to creating a healthier life. Specifically, learning how to have a healthy relationship with food, what to put into your shopping basket, how to structure a meal plan, setting you a number of behaviour goals and tasks and give you the confidence to change what you eat, and how much you eat".

By establishing these behaviours and habits, the weight on the scale will take care of itself. We need to create regular patterns of behaviour (diet and exercise), which will, in turn result in a measurable change on the scale or blood glucose reading.

So what are these behaviours?

Welcome to my blog. Welcome to Deconstructing Diabetes.

Deconstructing Diabetes