Deconstructing Diabetes

Simplifying dietary advice for people with diabetes.

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Specialised Diabetes Dietitian (APD)

Melbourne,  Australia

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Deconstructing Diabetes simplifies the dietary advice for people with diabetes.

Nutrition Consulting

A specialised diabetes dietitian will conduct a detailed assessment of your diabetes, medications, time since you were diagnosed, your goals,  expectations and lifestyle factors (diet and exercise). 

This includes assessment of your usual food intake (amounts and types of foods), and your eating behaviour (appetite, where, and why you eat).

This enables us to identify issues, what information you need to understand, and what dietary changes need to be made to improve your health.

Goals are then collaboratively established and strategies put in place for how to reach these. This may involve simple dietary changes, or structured meal plans depending on what is best for you. Periodical review sessions are scheduled to review your dietary intake, and successful changes and keep you on track towards your goals.

This gives you the confidence to help control your diabetes.


Our logo portrays what we are about. The circular shape is the chemical structure of a glucose molecule, or sugar, in it's simplest form. 

The "D" in the word "Diabetes" is breaking away, symbolising deconstruction.

That's our philosophy, deconstructing dietary advice into it's simplest form.

Deconstructing Diabetes