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How Do I Eat Healthy On A Budget?

It's Budget Week.

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Eating Healthy on a Budget

How Do I Eat Healthy on A Budget?

This week it’s budget week. As we look at who wins and who loses after the Government handed down the 2018 Budget, let’s see how you can eat healthy and make sure your budget in the kitchen isn’t blown out.

Thankfully, here’s some tips to do just that:

  •   Buy foods in season, particularly fruit and vegetables
  •   Shopping at the market is much cheaper (and fresher) than the supermarket
  •   Roadside stalls when driving can have some bargains, as well as more money going to the  grower
  •   Vegie patches, no matter how small your lot is, can save a few dollars, even if it’s herbs on the  kitchen window sill, or lettuce on the balcony
  •   Buy cheaper cuts of meat, and put in a slow cooker for tender casseroles/ stews
  •   OR buy better, more expensive cuts of meats and eat less of them
  •   Shop for specials before shopping. Look online, or from catalogues for what’s discounted this week
  •   Shop for specials when shopping. Look for what is discounted. Being familiar with how to cook will allow you to be adaptable to amend recipes, or make up meals on the fly based on what you’ve got available on hand
  •   Buy in bulk. Buying multiple kilogram quantities of chicken from the poultry shop works out so much cheaper than the supermarket. Rice in a 5kg bag (especially when on special) works out much cheaper than smaller products or pre-cooked packets
  •   Cook in bulk, and divide your meals into storage containers that can be frozen. It’s a much better option than take away for the mid-week “can’t be bothered cooking” vibe
  •   For snacks, buy larger yoghurt and spoon into smaller snack size containers. Bulk bags of nuts can be separated up into containers or zip lock bags
  •   Make your own popcorn, or muesli bars instead of buying off the shelf
  •   With winter approaching, add barley, legumes to your stews to add bulk to the meal
  •   Being organised with shopping, cooking, packing school or work lunches, will help keep you within budget, and you know what you’re eating

Win-win! Budget is in surplus.

Continuing this theme, a future post will ask the public health question – do we make healthy, nutrient dense foods cheaper, or make less nutritious foods cost more?

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